U.K. Goes Crazy Over ‘Dollar Store’ Selling Vibrators for £1 by

U.K. Goes Crazy Over ‘Dollar Store’ Selling Vibrators for £1

Posted on Thursday, October 13th, 2016

The U.K. goes crazy over discount chain Poundland (no pun intended for U.S. readers) selling bullet vibrators for only £1 (equivalent to $1.22). And for a little bit more change, customers can purchase the package that comes with condoms and sex lube.


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Opinions about a “dollar store” selling sex toys were mixed. Some people gave positive notions, while others criticized the move. “Would you trust a vibrator from Poundland though??” says one Instagram user. While another social media user commented: “Who the hell buys a vibrator from Poundland? Surely it can’t be up to much for a quid!”

A Poundland spokeswoman said: “Alongside the bullet the range also includes various lubricants and three-pack Durex and Sure 12 pack condoms, all at its famous £1 price point. Poundland is a responsible retailer and encourages safe sex.”

Although there aren’t any U.S. dollar store chains selling sex toys, one retailer that would offer adult novelty items is the 99 Cents Only Store. The company sells condoms for a dollar. Stocked by the registers, the merchandise appears to sell really well since I always see the slots nearly empty whenever I shop.

Dollar stores—making sexual pleasure affordable for everyone.

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