Standard Innovation Being Sued for Tracking User Habits of Their Sex Toys by

Standard Innovation Being Sued for Tracking User Habits of Their Sex Toys

Posted on Thursday, September 15th, 2016

The makers of the “smart” dildo, We-Vibe, is facing a lawsuit over tracking information about users without their explicit permission. A woman known only as “N.P.” claims that the company is breaking the Federal Wiretap Act while also violating Illinois’ Eavesdropping Statute. Besides that, she’s also claiming punitive damage. The company’s response is that it’s not aware of any data compromises about specific users and will update its terms and conditions to make explicitly clear that “mostly” anonymous data is being transmitted. The firm has no specific response to the lawsuit in question.

In the era of IoT (Internet of Things), “smart” adult novelty products are subject to hacking. Or rather, the app controlling the device, recording the data and storing the information. Most likely the two are connected via bluetooth, which is usually very secure. But the app itself might have serious leaks, the mobile operating system might have serious security vulnerabilities, and finally the media storage might be stolen—with all the data on it non-encrypted. An article written by Vice brought these issues to the forefront.

Ultra-Thin. Ultra-Strong. Luxury Condom.

UNIQUE PULL is about to rock your condom world. Aptly named, their innovation is guaranteed to be nominated for the Pleasure Hall of Fame. When using UNIQUE for the first time, many say they had to check to see if the condom was in place because they could not feel it during sex.

So maybe it’s best to stick with old-fashioned manual device when it comes to sex toys. At least the only dilemma you’ll face is someone discovering it.

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