It’s Official: Teenagers Worldwide Hate Sex Education Programs by

It’s Official: Teenagers Worldwide Hate Sex Education Programs

Posted on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

A newly published study by BMJ Open proves what most people already suspected: teens everywhere despise the sexual curriculum administered by most educators. But this study wasn’t only focused on one country—it spanned 10 countries.

Students in this study didn’t provide much positive feedback about their experiences within sex and relationship education programs:

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  • Young people report feeling vulnerable sexual education programs. Males feel extra pressure to conceal sexual ignorance and females risk sexual harassment if they participate.
  • Schools have difficulty accepting that some young people are sexually active, leading to out of touch curriculum.
  • SRE can be negative, gendered bias and heterosexist.
  • Too much focus on biology; failure to address pleasure and the specialness of sex.

The BMJ study did recommend specific actions that schools can take to reinforce the usefulness of sexual health program:

  • Utilize sexual health experts instead of known teachers.
  • Needs to start sooner instead of later in adolescents’ lives.
  • Should not be “sex-negative” and solely focused on negative consequences.
  • Extend beyond biology, including how to maximize sexual pleasure.

For a full reading of the methodologies, and full results including student comments, you can read the full content of the study at BMJ Open’s website.

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