PrEP Pill Doesn’t Increase Risky Sexual Behavior, Study Says by

PrEP Pill Doesn’t Increase Risky Sexual Behavior, Study Says

Posted on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

The Calgary Herald published a surprising statistic from the same sexual study that investigated the performance of the anti-HIV pill Truvada. And guess what? According to the results, the pill doesn’t lead to an increase of risky sexual behavior and its effective even when missing regular doses.

The study noted two aspects: none of the participants contracted other STDs, and irregular dosage intake didn’t lessen the effect of Truvada. To this day, the participants haven’t caught the deadly HIV infection. More promising is that the pill didn’t appear to encourage additional risky behavior. This was the key component that health officials feared about PrEP, but the study suggested that the fears can be lessened.

The study was conducted in South America, the United States, Thailand, and Africa. Sample size included 1600 participants. Perhaps a greater sample size can draw the same emboldened conclusions?

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