There Are No Condom Substitutes, Not Even a Plastic Bag by

There Are No Condom Substitutes, Not Even a Plastic Bag

Posted on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

An young Vietnamese couple learned the hard way that a plastic bag isn’t a viable alternative for a condom. 

Two undergraduates were afraid to buy condoms from the store. Neither wanted to experience the stigma of walking up to a clerk and paying for a box of condoms. So they tried an alternative method: a plastic bag.

Guess how that ended? With both rushing to the hospital. The plastic bag scarred both of their genitalia. They both were prescribed antibiotics and disinfectants.

The article blamed the stigma around parents and society avoiding the topic of sex but there are consequences. 16% of undergraduates living in Hanoi are sexually active, or at least experienced one instance of intercourse, but only one-third uses condoms. 25% reported embarrassment buying or utilizing them. This probably falls in line with the purported failure of most sex education programs.

If you’re reading this and feel embarrassed buying condoms or feeling confused by the myriad of condom choices available, there’s no reason to fear. This condom buying guide explains which type is the perfect fit and provides tips to overcome your fearful hesitation. Don’t make the same mistake as this couple.

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