Is Gonorrhea the New HIV? by

Is Gonorrhea the New HIV?

Posted on Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Medical experts in England and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) are warning about a new strain of drug resistant Gonorrhea. Dubbed “super Gonorrhea,” these microbial organisms are proving harder to treat with current varieties of antibiotics.¬†Azithromycin is the usual prescription for the disease but its effectiveness has lessened.

The PHE (Public Health England) reported 16 cases of the strain since March. An outbreak that started in the northern U.K., the spread now includes many areas of England with 311 cases reported. So far only heterosexual partners have caught the super strain but experts still fear that an epidemic is at hand. Individuals can catch Gonorrhea by engaging in unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex. Using a condom can prevent people from catching the disease. But unsafe sex might not represent the sole cause. Wrong dosages and incomplete treatments create conditions for the bacteria to develop resistance. Gonorrhea treatment requires taking two antibiotic intakes but many people only undergo one half of the treatment. Due to this scenario, medical professionals are urging doctors and patients to follow proper procedures for treating the disease including prescribing the right medicine, the right dosages and following the treatment properly.

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