How to Wear A Condom Like A Pro

How to Wear A Condom Like A Pro

How to Properly Wear A Condom Without Frustrating Your Partner!

It’s not rocket science! Nothing murders a romantic mood quicker than struggling to roll on a condom. Your penis will turn flaccid and your attempt to achieve erection again will result in failure. The frustration in your partner will build, and their annoyance level will peak—politely signaling to you that sex isn’t happening.

Don’t be that guy that kills the moment of perpetual bliss! Read this guide about how to wear a condom. Here are the benefits of properly wearing a condom: reduction of condom breakage, less chance of procuring an STD, and slippage into a good time.

Step 1: Make the Small Incision

The first step for properly wearing a condom is opening the package. If you fail to tear the package properly, you’ll introduce small incisions into the condom that possibly destroys the integrity of the material while you are inside your partner. Plus you are at risk of catching an STD.

You have two choices for correctly opening the condom package: tearing it with your hands, or biting. Using your hands is the safest option, but creating a slit by biting can appear sexy and increase the enhance the mood. If you’re biting, make a tiny perforation and then quickly use your hands to finish opening the package. The same advice applies if you’re breaking open the packaging with your hands.

Step 2: Roll the Condom On & Pinch the Tip

This step is important for how to wear a condom. When you break open the package, the tip of the condom will either face upward or face downward. If it’s turning upward, flip it around—the condom should always face downward. Place it on your head of your shaft, and then start rolling down in a slow motion. Take your time! Lightly pinch the triangular tip, in order to release trapped air pressure. Roll the condom until it covers your entire shaft. If you have some sexual lubricant, spray a small amount on the condom and then rub it over the shaft (which the condom now covers). If you apply lubricant prior to placing the condom on your penis, you will struggle with properly rolling the condom. While holding your penis, slowly insert it into your partner. When your penis is fully inside, release your hand and begin stroking.

Step 3: ENJOY! But Check Infrequently

Pull out infrequently. Quickly check to make certain that the condom continues wrapping your penis. Check for any tears. Don’t spend too much time—a quick scan should only take a couple of seconds. If all is well, insert it back inside your partner. Otherwise, check and inspect thoroughly. Better safe than sorry!

Step 4: Disposing the Condom

After finishing, pull out slowly. Grab a tissue or rag, and then slowly unroll the condom. Throw the condom in the trash afterwards. DO NOT FLUSH DOWN THE TOILET! If you’re able, drain the condom of all bodily fluids. Prevent your partner from handling the condom—here’s an article demonstrating why.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this helpful guide for how to wear a condom. If you wear a condom properly, your chance of catching an STD or causing accidental pregnancy diminishes. If you’re still nervous about fumbling condom usage, practice on a banana.