How to Find the Perfect Condom

How to Find the Perfect Condom

Your Guide for Discovering the Best Condom

Since the late 1990s, condom manufacturers have tinkered with improving the de facto condom. The usual varieties existed—standard, ribbed, large, and desensitizing condoms. Within the last decade, condom innovations have flooded retail outlets. Heat activated condoms, flavored condoms, thin and microthin condoms, condoms for the very extra large, etc., have become available for consumers to buy over-the-counter. The old adage that “condoms don’t provide feeling” is untrue.

What Is Your Length and Girth Size?

Grab a ruler and measure the length of your penis. Most condom manufacturers will refer to length size to report on the usability of certain condoms. Below is a chart of size categories:

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Category Number of Inches (or CM)
Small (or “Extra Small”) Less than 6 inches (15.24 cm)
Average** 6 inches (15.24 cm) to 7 inches (17.78 cm)
Large More than 7 inches (17.78 cm)

**Erect Penile Length and Circumference Dimensions of 1,661 Sexually Active Men in the United States, Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2013


Girth (or circumference) size also affects your ability to fit into certain condoms. Unfortunately the majority of condom manufacturers don’t report the maximum circumference size that their condoms can fit. You will need to experiment. To measure your girth size, follow either of the two methods below:

  1. Use a measuring tape and wrap it around the middle of your shaft.
  2. Measure the diameter (width) with a ruler, and then insert it into this equation: Girth = 2 * 3.14 * (Diameter / 2)

If you suspect that your girth size is large, then you should try using large and extra large condoms. describes an easy method for determining the right condom based on girth size. Grab a toilet paper roll and place it over your erect penis. If you have extra room, you should buy small condoms. If you have just enough room, then purchase standard-fit condoms. If it feels too tight, then large condoms are your perfect fit.

Condom Size & Condom Type Chart

Finding the right condom isn’t a chore. Utilize the chart below to browse for the condom that fits you best. The first column describes the Purpose of seeking a condom variety, followed by the corresponding Type(s) you should choose. There’s also a column named Availability which references the penis size table above.


Purpose (or Style) Type(s) Availability
Extra Feeling Thin, Ultra thin, Microsheer, Ribbed, Studded, Lubricated, Heat Activated Average
Delay Finishing Desensitizing, Thick, Extra Thick Small, Average, Large
Latex Allergy Lambskin, Sheepskin Small, Average, Large
Extra Pregnancy Prevention Spermicidal Small, Average, Large
Small Penis/Narrow Girth Small, Extra Small, Slim Fit, Snugger Small
Small Penis/Wide Girth Slim Fit, Snugger Average
Average Penis/Narrow Girth Slim Fit, Snugger Average
Average Penis/Wide Girth Large, Extra Large, Large
Large, Narrow or Wide Girth Large, Extra Large, XXL Large
Fun, Humor Novelty (Designer, Fun, Funny) Average
Organic Organic Average
You’re A Female Female, Vibrating N/A
Blowjobs Flavoured, Chocolate N/A


Hopefully this guide will help you discover the condom that provides you with ultimate pleasure. With the variety of condoms available, there’s no excuse for avoiding condoms.