How to Buy Condoms Discreetly

How to Buy Condoms Discreetly

Tips for Buying Condoms If You Feel Embarrassed

While working as a cashier on the late night shift, a young 18 year old guy walks up to me and whispers in my ear. His faceĀ  blushes redder than the apple sliding down the register belt. Thinking that he whispers a certain brand of cigarettes, I ask for his identification and he shows it. Then I bring him the cigarettes that I think he wants. He shakes his head, and whispers his request. Still misunderstanding him, I then invite the man to the glass display where we display tobacco and other cluster of products. He quickly points to a row of yellow boxes—which are condoms. This is happening while there’s a long crowd of customers in line. I apologize for the ordeal, for keeping his girlfriend and himself waiting. He promptly pays for his purchase and hurries out of line. It’s possibly an humiliating moment for him, but it’s only another another customer to me. Moral of the story: we’re adults and don’t care (unless it’s a small town).

But you might feel like the guy in the story, having awkward emotions about buying condoms in public places. How should you approach the matter? Read below for tips about dealing with this situation.

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Buy Online

Forget the physical retail store! Purchase condoms from the comfort of your chair. You can head to Amazon, UndercoverCondoms,, Adam & Eve, and other adult retailers. They also offer discreet shipping and billing.

Shop an Adult Store

Another option: go to a local adult shop. If you feel apprehensive entering one of these establishments, travel in the evening at the wisp of sunset. Or arrive when it’s dark. There’s a likelihood that you’ll rendezvous with a familiar face inside the place, but it makes for a good joke or blackmail later.

Gas Station/Liquor Store

The clerk doesn’t care…you have very little to fear. Two scenarios will occur: the person will make a joke and you will laugh profusely, or they’ll just ring your purchase and thank you for your business. You might enter into an interesting conversation. One word of caution: don’t appear nervous. Either smile, or maintain a straight face.


I save the worst option for last. If the store doesn’t have a self-checkout register, I recommend avoiding. While the clerk won’t care, other nosy customers may badger you with questions or give you weird looks. You’re also more likely to encounter a friend or family member. You can avoid these situations with the self-checkout, which offers some privacy. You can find condoms in the female aisle, near tampons and other feminine items.