Aphrodisiac Foods That Induce Sex: Ginger, Oysters, and more!

Aphrodisiac Foods That Induce Sex: Ginger, Oysters, and more!

Apples are the newest aphrodisiac it seems, but they’re not the only sex stimulants. The following foods below are infamous for increasing your sex drive and improving performance. It’s believed that the compounds in these plant-based (and two meats) foods benefit your sex life.


Ginger is thought to stimulate the excitement feelings of sex. It’s believed to increase sensitivity in erogenous zones when eaten. One French legend, Madame du Barry, said that she served ginger to her lovers to make them “horny” and submissive to her advances.


Basil’s allure is its aroma. It’s believed that this herb stimulates sexual hormones to begin flowing. The plant is also believed to create warming in the body and increased blood circulation.

Pumpkin Seeds

Whoever thought that pumpkin seeds served a purpose outside of Halloween? These seeds are renown for increasing testosterone and thus multiplying your libido. The secret lies in the zinc compound. Researchers at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation discovered that a whiff of pumpkin seeds increase the penile blood flow in men, and increasing sexual libido in women.

Red Wine

Red wine is touted as an aphrodisiac for women. It’s believed to increase the production of pheromones. However, a popular belief holds that “masculine” red wines imitate the scent of male pheromones (which I never thought possible). It may also be related to flavonols that are present in apples.


It’s well know that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, promotes a feeling of sexiness and being in love. This is due to the compound phenylethylamine. It’s also a famous anti-depressant reliever, and lower stress always lead to better sex.


Who would’ve known that a plant renown for producing bad breath leads to sex? Like ginger, it’s known for increasing blood flow. Unlike garlic, large quantities might offset the romantic mood. Therefore you should try garlic capsules instead or just stick with ginger for stimulating your sexual appetite.


Eggs as a sex food? It’s true! They contain the chemicals B5 and B6 that promote hormone balance and reduction of stress levels. Combined with any of the previous aphrodisiacs previously mentioned for increasing blood flow, eggs are a great contributor to sexual health.


These seafood delights contain a triple combo for contributing to your sex drive: zinc produces high testosterone levels that ramps up your desire, dopamine makes you feel warm and “lovey-dovey,” and the texture stimulates an emotion of erotica. Moreover, it’s one of the few aphrodisiacs backed by scientific proof. In 2005, The Telegraph reported that a group of scientists verified its romantic properties. The researchers also pinpointed that Spring is the best time of the year to eat them, due to oysters having the greatest amount of amino acid concentration during that season.


Celery contains a hormone called androsterone which scientists believe is the basis for its aphrodisiac qualities. It’s excreted through sweat and it acts as a male pheromone; a build-up of celery consumption is theorized to increase production of male pheromones. The vegetable¬†is also known for counteracting hormonal disorders and other negative health diseases. Like oysters, celery is verified as an actual aphrodisiac but many mysteries remain about its romantic properties.


Opinions are mixed about this fruit’s ability to act as a natural Viagra alternative. On one hand, the plant contains a compound called¬†citrulline that relaxes blood vessels and allow for increased blood flow to penile tissues. But take a guess where the greatest concentration of citrulline exists—the melon’s green rind. It’s the section of watermelon that’s inedible. If you can somehow chew on that particular region, then you’re in luck.