Derrick Rose: NBA Tells Players to Dispose Their Own Condoms by

Derrick Rose: NBA Tells Players to Dispose Their Own Condoms

Posted on Saturday, October 15th, 2016

“You never know what women are up to nowadays.”

NBA phenom Derrick Rose stated this at his trial after explaining that the NBA teaches basketball players to dispose of their own condoms in special sex classes that were apart of the “Rookie Transition Program.” Rose testified that after having a sexual encounter with the plaintiff—known only as Jane Doe—he wrapped the used condom, placed it inside his pocket and threw it away at home.

Very smart move for the basketball organization. Gabrielle Union cautioned men to throw away their own condoms, plus horror stories like this exists:

  • A woman boasted that she saves used condoms from one-night stands with NBA basketball players and sells them (source).
  • Another lady saved the used condoms from romps with her husband and secretly injected herself with the sperm in the condoms (source).
  • An Illinois female saved her boyfriend’s sperm after performing oral sex acts and impregnated herself (source).

Kudos to the NBA for at least giving out practical advice for their players’ personal lives.

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