Can Light Therapy Improve Sexual Libido? Study Says ‘Yes’ by

Can Light Therapy Improve Sexual Libido? Study Says ‘Yes’

Posted on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Scientists for the University of Vienna experimented with a light box to solve low sexual libido and discovered it was effective. The researchers conducted this trial with 38 men who reported experiencing issues with dwindling sex drives and were diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder or sexual arousal disorder. Each person had their testosterone levels measured and rated their sexual satisfaction using a score from 1-10. The subjects average a score of 2 at the beginning of this study.

The men were divided into two groups: a control group and an experimental group. People in the control group were exposed to a light box that significantly emitted less light. The experimental group was exposed to a light box that mimicked actual sunlight. After two weeks of treatment, researchers retested their testosterone levels and sexual satisfaction scores.

The results were surprising. Members of the control group reported an average sexual satisfaction score of 2.7 with unchanged testosterone levels at 2.3 ng/ml, while individuals whom belonged to the active light treatment group reported an average score of 6.3 with increased testosterone levels at 3.6 ng/ml when the study ended.

What are the implications of this study? Light therapy may offer the benefits of medication, but with fewer side effects. It also reinforces light therapy as a viable treatment option for other mental disorders. However this won’t lead to light treatment as an active option for sufferers of sexual arousal disorders. More studies are needed, according to Professor Andrea Fagiolini, who led the team of researchers.

Want to read the full details? You can visit for further information about the study.

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