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VivaGel Condoms Receive Approval in Canada


Posted on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Congratulations to Canada! VivaGel is one of the newest innovations in the world of sex products. Condom manufacturers include the microbial agent in their own products, under license from StarPharma. According to VivaGel’s website: VivaGel® (SPL7013, or astodrimer sodium) has been shown in laboratory studies to have antiviral and antibacterial effects [for the prevention of […]

There Are No Condom Substitutes, Not Even a Plastic Bag


Posted on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

An young Vietnamese couple learned the hard way that a plastic bag isn’t a viable alternative for a condom.  Two undergraduates were afraid to buy condoms from the store. Neither wanted to experience the stigma of walking up to a clerk and paying for a box of condoms. So they tried an alternative method: a plastic bag. […]

It’s Official: Teenagers Worldwide Hate Sex Education Programs


Posted on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

A newly published study by BMJ Open proves what most people already suspected: teens everywhere despise the sexual curriculum administered by most educators. But this study wasn’t only focused on one country—it spanned 10 countries. Students in this study didn’t provide much positive feedback about their experiences within sex and relationship education programs: Young people report […]

What You Need to Know About the World of Robot Sex


Posted on Sunday, September 11th, 2016

The future will arrive sooner than we think. You’ve heard all the talk about A.I. automating our jobs to oblivion. The same can happen with relationships. Can robots replace people for late-night booty calls or casual hook-ups? By 2030, robots might satisfy all of our sexual appetites—replacing human partners. This might also mark a turning […]

Breakdown of the ‘Sexuality and Gender’ Study: What It Really Concludes About Sexual Orientation


Posted on Saturday, September 10th, 2016

“While some people are under the impression that sexual orientation is an innate, fixed, and biological trait of human beings — that, whether heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual, we are “born that way” — there is insufficient scientific evidence to support that claim…the evidence suggests some measure of fluidity in patterns of sexual attraction and behavior […]

Is the “Sperm Antidepressant” Effect Real or a Myth?


Posted on Sunday, September 4th, 2016

Is sperm an effective antidepressant? Some groups agree, others disagree. There’s some inherent risk in posting an article such as this. However, it’s necessary because multiple media sources have already reported or quoted this subject. There are two groups of people about this topic: individuals who fully agree with this theory; others who believe that […]



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