Science, Sex and Orgasms


A vibrator is an electronic device that’s applied to erogenous zones and triggers orgasmic sensations.


Dolls, Dildos, Fleshies

Imitations of actual sexual areas of the body. Provides greater realistic sensations than most sex devices.



Special designed liquids that are useful for enhancing many different forms of sex—masturbation, vaginal sex, anal sex, and intracrural sex.


Cock Rings

Small circular apertures (“rings”) that supposedly increase the ability for a male to maintain an erection.


Sex Guides

Need advice on a particular subject, such as how to wear a condom or other embarrassing sexual details? Find your answer here!


Blog & News

Find out what's new in the world of sex. Science discoveries, opinions and other news about humanity's favorite activity.


Sex 3.0 is here! Dildos, vibrators and masturbators are no longer taboo adult novelty items. The next generation of sex toys utilize the latest advancements in bluetooth, smart data, social technology, virtual reality and exercising. From the Indiegogo After Dark collection, here are the most interesting line-up of sex products. Lioness Lioness adds statistical measurements to […]