Sex Toy Enthusiasts Need ‘UVEE Clean Light’

One of the banes of owning an adult novelty product (“sex toy”) is that cleaning the accessory or device is a chore. You need to completely wipe it down and then boil it in hot water for a long period of time, which affects the quality of the merchandise over time. Since most people keep them in drawers and closets, dust and other particles gather. And in the case of electric devices, you also have to charge it after the cleaning process.

Continue reading Opens Nevada Office is one company protesting the passage of AB 1576 in California. This measure requires pornography production companies to supply condoms to sexually explicit actors. Lawmakers introducing the regulation were responding to a rash of HIV positive outbreaks occurring throughout the industry in the beginning of the year. Surprisingly, some famous adult entertainment celebrities question the sincerity of these lawmakers and wonder if they’re true objective is to use that incident to cow-tow to opponents of the adult industry. There’s also the issue of privacy that this mandate seemingly infringes upon, according to the same celebrities.

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